Gastric Sleeve Surgery is quickly becoming the sought-after bariatric surgery today. With thousands of success stories, patients are satisfied with the positive weight-loss results from gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric sleeve can provide permanent weight-loss for people who are struggling to maintain their weight. At we help connect patients with qualified bariatric surgeons in Mexico quickly, helping patients lose weight and become a success story.

Many patients who’ve undergone gastric sleeve surgery, had previously had another bariatric surgery. Sometimes patients undergo Gastric Banding (Lap-Band Surgery) with disappointing results, or want a permanent solution to help maintain their weight. So patients who’ve undergo gastric sleeve surgery successfully may just had to maintain weight loss, instead of actually lose weight.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Patient Success Stories

All of the following success stories have come from real patients who’ve undergone bariatric surgery in Mexico. These patients are real, their results are real, and their testimony is real.

“I researched WLS and decided on the Vertical Sleeve. Then I researched Dr. Lopez. After all my research, I was confident that he was the doctor for me. My surgery was September 21, 2012 in Puerto Vallarta. When I met Dr. Lopez, it was the morning of my surgery. He was kind and compassionate. After my surgery, the hospital staff was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced…” – Weight Loss Surgery Patient

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