Single-incision gastric sleeve surgery is a new method by which surgeons are capable of using just one or two incision instead of five or seven which laparoscopic surgery requires.

Photo Source: Specialized Bariatrics, Inc.

Photo Source: Specialized Bariatrics, Inc.

Single-Incision Laparosocpic surgery (SILS), is a minimally invasive surgery that uses medical instruments to perform surgery. For gastric sleeve that means surgeons will be using sophisticated cameras along with tools which can perform the surgery.

How Single Incision Bariatric Surgery Works

Single-Incision requires the use of specific medical devices which allow the surgeon to manipulate the abdomen. Many of these technologies require extensive training in order to master, which means only a handful of surgeons in Mexico are capable of performing this surgery type.

Benefits of Single Incision

Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of less scaring and less scars, single incision laparoscopic surgery has several benefits.

  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Less Risk of Infection, due to less incisions

Cons of Single Incision

Because this is a more advanced weight loss surgery, the price of single incision will usually be higher than that of regular laparoscopic surgery. There are also stricter requirements for who is a proper candidate for SILS than regular gastric sleeve.